Thornbury Neighbourhood PlanHave your say on the future development of Thornbury

Thornbury Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

On 31 March 2022 a Referendum was held on whether to adopt the Plan. 2363 voters voted (a 21% turnout) and of these 2126 voted Yes (90%), 230 voted No (10%) and there were 7 spoiled ballots. Thus the people of Thornbury voted in favour of using the Neighbourhood Plan to help decide planning applications in the parish of Thornbury.

The referendum question was:-

Do you want South Gloucestershire Council to use the neighbourhood plan for
Thornbury to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

The next stage is for South Gloucestershire Council to formally adopt the Plan, and we expect this to happen at a meeting in May. Future planning applications will then have to comply with the plan.

Thornbury Neighbourhood Plan

The Thornbury Neighbourhood Plan is now complete. This final version has been approved by Thornbury Town Council and South Gloucestershire Council. It incorporates the changes requested by the independent Examiner. You can read the Examiner’s report on the Examination webpage.

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