What do you think?

We have written a draft Vision and some draft Objectives for Thornbury for the next 18 years, and we would like to know what you think of them. Does this sound like the kind of place you would like to live? Have we missed out anything important? To send your thoughts, email to thornburynp@gmail.com

Here is the Vision:
“Thornbury will retain its market town and historic character and its sense of community. It will keep and expand its green spaces, streamside walks, connections with nature and access to the countryside. It will be resilient to climate change and will provide well planned, high quality, sustainable and affordable homes. It will support the prosperity and wellbeing of its residents by providing a vibrant town centre, quality local jobs, a good choice of retail and employment facilities and appropriate services.”

Here are the Objectives:
“Thornbury will:
• “Preserve its unique character and historic identity and rural separation through well planned holistic high quality placemaking and design.Provide high quality, well designed, affordable, tenure-blind sustainable housing thate meets the needs of people of all ages.
• “Support a vibrant, unique and historic town centre with mixed retail, business and residential facilities and a thriving economy that provides jobs for local people to enable them to work where they live.
• “Support the timely provision of appropriate services, infrastructure and community facilities to meet the needs of a growing population.
• “Be resilient to climate change, support and protect the natural environment through sustainable development and strengthen its sense of community, creating connections to enhance integration between existing and new developments.
• “Promote active, smarter and sustainable ways of getting around, establishing appropriate transport infrastructure to support population growth, developingthe network of paths and cycleways and green corridors.”

December 8th, 2018